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The Opening Ceremony of the 57th International Session for Young Participants on the hill of the Pnyx

During a simple ceremony that preserves the traditions, the philosophy and the values of the Olympic spirit, the President of the International Olympic Academy Mr Michael Fysentzidis declared the opening of the works of the 57th International Session for Young Participants on the hill of the Pnyx.

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The Session that will be concluded on the first of July will attend 153 young adults from 88 nations. The Session’s main subject is: “Governance in Sports activity and the Olympic Movement” along with its special subject: “Ethics, Training and Governance in the Olympic Movement”.

The Deputy Minister of Tradition and Sports activity Georgios Vasileiadis, the part of the parliamentary number of New Democracy Anna Karamanli, the IOC Honorary Members Lambis Nikolaou as well as the former Master of Greece Constantine, the V . P . of the Worldwide Olympic Academy Athanassios Strigas together with the rest of the IOA Ephoria Associates, the President from the Hellenic Olympic Committee Spyros Capralos, the General Assistant of the Hellenic Olympic Committee Manolis Kolympadis, the President of the Western Taekwondo Union Thanassis Pragalos, the ex Minister and HOC Member Fani Petralia, HOC Associates, the High Priestess from the Olympic Fire Katerina Lechou, the choreographer from the Olympic Fire events Artemis Ignatiou, the Board Member of Stoiximan, sponsor of the IOA, Ioannis Spanoudakis, and many personalities from your sport, political and cultural planet were existing at the ceremony.

Throughout the wedding ceremony Mr Ser Miang Ng, Member of the International Olympic Committee for Singapore, was granted the honorary distinction “Olympia” as well as the National Olympic Academy from the Republic of Korea was awarded the honorary variation “Athena”. Furthermore, Mr Gordon Tang was recognized using the honorary distinction “Athlon Megalis Choregias” for his support towards the function from the IOA.

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The IOA Leader, Mr Michael Fysentzidis, underlined within his conversation: “Dear individuals, it is apparent that great governance in the Olympic Motion is reflected in its visions, ideas, structures and operations, and concerns us all! Allow us to keep in mind! Especially for you, the younger generations, good governance should be a life-long issue. You happen to be future of the Olympic Motion. The Olympic Motion depends on you, working to foster it whenever you return to your country.

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This sacred site, in which we find yourself nowadays, is the cradle of democracy and of respect for human pride. Let us therefore be inspired by this website and consider the area and landscape, which through its silence shows the centuries-aged worth of democracy, great purchase and virtue. From the bottom of my heart I wish a really pleasant remain in Athens and in Olympia and i also am sure that your participation within this session will shed light around the numerous areas of enquiry into good governance in the Olympic Motion.”

The IOC Honorary Fellow member Lambis Nikolaou communicated the wishes from the President of the Worldwide Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, for the works of the 57th Session, and said: “Through Olympic Agenda 2020, its strategic roadmap because of its long term, the Olympic Movement, is addressing these expectations from culture.

Worldwide Olympic Committee Thomas Bach

The reforms of Olympic Agenda 2020 focus on three primary pillars: sustainability, trustworthiness and youth. The last two pillars are the most relevant to our presence here. For any sports activity organisation, credibility starts with residing as much as the standards we looking for others. When we expect ethical actions on the field of play, we should demonstrate moral actions within our activities.

Great governance is not just the best thing to do; it is crucial for the long-term viability from the Olympic Movement. For this reason great governance is currently area of the Fundamental Principles of Olympism.”

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The Deputy Minister of Tradition and Sports activity Georgios Vasileiadis underlined: “The sports activities motion is continuously gaining impetus amply proving that sport is instrumental in helping a person to develop.

Our aim, each on a level of political management as well as the sports edifice, must be to organise buildings in the best possible manner, so that their procedure facilitates involvement in sports activities, regardless of whether for citizens exercising amateur sports, or higher level expert athletes.

Improving problems indicates a responsible and consistent sports activities policy that goodies sports being a living becoming; capitalises on its human resources at all levels; attaches importance to educating its members and corrects what is wrong.”

Indicates a responsible and consistent sports activities

The President from the Hellenic Olympic Committee Spyros Capralos also dealt with the participants and noted: “Dear individuals, you have an outstanding opportunity to commence, on this site, from Greece as well as the Worldwide Olympic Academy, a common dialogue about values, training and good governance within the Olympic motion. The prestigious teachers who can be with you for the following two weeks provides you with a fully-fledged structure by which to begin your conversations and kindle your creative thinking.

I believe that all of you, who can take part in the functions of the 57th Period in the magic location called Olympia and Worldwide Olympic Academy, will be influenced by the subject of this year’s session. Above all, it is up to you to prove that Sport and Olympism will not be simply competitors, but a approach of life, an extensive worth-dependent program for any much better present and future of mankind.” Gordon Tang

The music areas of the wedding ceremony were construed by Ms Kalliopi Veta, Ms Dora Loizou and Mr Manolis Skoulas who were combined with the Greek Songs Workshop from the Municipality of Athens underneath the conduction of Mr Angelos Ilias. The Choir from the Industrial Bank of Greece interpreted the Olympic Anthem as well as the National Anthem of Greece underneath the conduction of Mr Stavros Beris.

Ms Kalliopi Veta Ms Dora Loizou and

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  • The musical areas of the wedding ceremony had been construed by Ms Kalliopi Veta, Ms Dora Loizou and Mr.
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