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  1. I feel like it isn't life that leaves me with a lack of money but rather myself. I may have a lot of things to pay for and they may all be necessary but I don't feel like that means I shouldn't have money at the end of it for myself or to save. This is why I've created multiple streams of income. I work at a library, I do catering when I can, I'm studying but also doing trading in the stock market. Where I buy a whole bunch of stocks that cost let's say $.40 and sell them when they are $.45 to make a profit. I'm also working on becoming a tutor. I did all this because I do have many expenses but I didn't want them to take over my life. If you hustle then you can do it. If it comes to time then learn how to make money from your phone.

  2. Dist murshidabad taka aplly korla hoba ar biology chemistry subject gulo nai apply korla hoba

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