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Deposit form of sbi bank

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deposit form of sbi bank

State Bank of India customer or account holder can easily deposit cash in SBI account by using the Deposit form or Pay in Slip at the bank's branch. Write the Name of this branch from where you have a transaction or from where you are depositing it. In this section, write the account number where you would like to shop. Mention the date on which you are depositing. Write the account holder's Name. Mention the amount you want to deposit in amounts. How to Fill Deposit Form in SBI? · Date. · Branch. · Details of Cash or Cheque. · Amount of Cash in Numerical. · Amount of Cash in Words. · Bank Account Number.

Deposit form of sbi bank -

Its time for us to get started with the guide and show you how you can fill this form and deposit cash in the account. So this was how you can fill deposit form, we hope you are clear with all the steps which are mentioned above in this article. The security to the money is much higher in a bank account when compared to keeping it home. Write carefully. For instance Margherita. But you need to have your bank account number with you. deposit form of sbi bank

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