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Allied powers of world war 2 countries name

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allied powers of world war 2 countries name

A quick introduction to the Allied powers of World War II. overran western Poland, Soviet troops entered from the east to claim their portion of that country. Almost every country in the world participated in World War II. Most were neutral at the beginning, but only relatively few nations remained neutral to the end. The Second World War pitted two alliances against each other, the Axis powers and the Allied. › Politics, Law & Government › International Relations. allied powers of world war 2 countries name

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World War II: Which Countries Fought? Benito Mussolini had formed Italian East Africa in by merging recently conquered Ethiopia with the older colonies of Eritrea and Somaliland. The Congo played an important role as an economic asset, producing large amounts of raw materials for the Allies, notably gold and uranium. After the German invasion of France, however, Turkey remained neutral, relying on a clause excusing them if military action might bring conflict with the USSR, which, after the division of Poland, Turkey feared, as East Thrace including Istanbul and the Caucasian borderlands were especially allied powers of world war 2 countries name to a potential Soviet attack. By the end of the war Hong Kong's population had fallen from 1, to a mereRetrieved 31 January

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