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Singapore bank saving interest rate comparison

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singapore bank saving interest rate comparison

As the world reels from the impact of Covid, central banks around the world Best savings accounts in Singapore with the highest interest rates Do note that for this comparison, we will take it that the confirmed. Best savings accounts with high interest rates in Singapore If you're OK with the inconvenience of banking with Bank of China, their. Banks in Singapore have all lowered their savings account interest all these new interest rates, here's an easy and up-to-date comparison of.

Singapore bank saving interest rate comparison -

Even though it is not much, it is vital that you choose one that gives you high interest. Not everyone is keen to hit minimum spending requirements or monitor their account balance every month. These bonuses add up to a potential 2. This article was first published in Seedly. Subscribe Newsletter Email Address:. Base rates increase for larger balance sizes, up to 0. These funds must be "fresh"—contributed from an outside source, rather than transferred within the Standard Chartered banking system, and it's important to reiterate that this bonus applies to the increase only not to the entire balance. Consumers can earn higher rates with equally straightforward competitors. As such, interest rates from these savings accounts have been slipping and falling like this penguin:. OCBC Account stands singapore bank saving interest rate comparison from its competitors by rewarding continued growth. Tired of getting 0. This means the current figures stated above will be reduced soon. Consumers who manage to consistently increase their month-on-month balance for 6 months, with no withdrawals, earn 1. Saxo is also partnered with asset manager BlackRock, in order to develop a variety of portfolios based on one's preferred risk profile. singapore bank saving interest rate comparison

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