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Keeping uk bank account non resident

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keeping uk bank account non resident

Are you a British expat whose bank account is being closed due to Brexit? While not all the roughly million UK citizens living in the EU will be hit, It is a blow to those who keep their UK account open when they move abroad legal and regulatory framework in the country in which they are resident. This webpage is designed to provide information for non-residents looking to enter banking relationships in the UK while continuing to reside outside UK. Non-​. › News › › September.

Keeping uk bank account non resident -

If I have any further questions how can I get in touch? Major traditional banks in the UK or Online Banks? I would much prefer to remain entirely onshore. However, the fees for such accounts are quite high. To review our Privacy and Cookie policy, please click here. Is crypto really the new 'millennial gold'? keeping uk bank account non resident

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