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Draft power of attorney to operate bank account

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draft power of attorney to operate bank account

sample text. POWER OF ATTORNEY To operate without limitation with the funds on all bank accounts opened in my name in First. Investment Bank AD. To: i. draw cheques on the said Account ii. invest, renew, withdraw money in the deposit accounts with the bank from time to. Bank shall honor this Power of Attorney until and unless Bank receives written upon the death of the principal under a will now existing or by operation of law. draft power of attorney to operate bank account The powers that you can grant your attorney-in-fact include:. In this demat, you can buy shares with funds in your NRE account and sale proceeds can be credited to NRE account for repatriation. This relationship imposes upon you legal duties that continue until you resign or the power of attorney is terminated or revoked. Once you become a resident again, you must close the PINS account. So only assign it to someone you trust completely.

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