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Bank sort code uk 60-13-12

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bank sort code uk 60-13-12

Equivalent Codes: 60 13 12, NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK PLC LEYTONSTONE Chatham Customer Service Centre, Western Avenue, Waterside​. We are your resource to help you find any NatWest sort code in the UK and overseas. , Brsitol, BATH OLD BANK South West RCSC, Waterside Drive, , Chatham, LEYTONSTONE Chatham Customer Service Centre. Chatham Banks NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK - Chatham - Sort Code across all Banks in UK. Customer Service Centre, Western Avenue, Waterside, Chatham Marine, Kent, ME4 4RT, Phone: () , Chatham, Chatham, ​

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What is Swift Code (BIC Code) - Explained in English As already mentioned, there are 6 digits in this code. These codes will have 6 digits which are separated in sets of two's with hyphens. This includes various forms of transactions like direct deposits, electronic funds transfers, e-checks, tax payments, and direct payment against bills and much more. Box 55, 35 High St, Guernsey, C. MICR Code or Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is a character recognition system used mostly by the banking industry for facilitating the processing of cheques. Peter Port. Bacs Direct Bank sort code uk 60-13-12 can be set up on this sort code. bank sort code uk 60-13-12

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