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Which indian bank gives highest interest rate on saving account in india

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which indian bank gives highest interest rate on saving account in india

However, there are a few banks which are still offering a high interest rate on their savings accounts. In them, the rate of interest is higher than. Compare saving account Interest rates Jan of different Banks and open high interest rate A savings account opened at a bank is a basic type of account that allows you to deposit Payment Banks in India work under following limitations. Only, Indian residents are permitted to open an account in Payments Banks. Are you eligible? · You should be an Indian citizen. · You must reside in India. · Foreign nationals residing in India should meet criteria laid by GoI. · Your average. The card lets you earn 1 reward points per Rs. Interest rate is on the incremental amount No branches only have contact points Lesser interest rates for an amount over Rs. Netflix's upcoming Shuffle Play feature will make it easier to find content you'd probably like. Fixed deposit account is a type of account in which a fixed sum of money is deposited for a fixed period. What We Didn't Like. As a result of deregulation, saving interest rates offered by banks in India today range from 0. Bank of Baroda Credit Card.

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