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Childcare vouchers whilst on mat leave

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childcare vouchers whilst on mat leave

You can also receive childcare vouchers as a salary addition whilst on leave. Benefit legislation, that has been in place for some time, does state that all employees that receive benefits, including vouchers, have the right to continue receiving them if they wish whilst on maternity leave, up to a period of 12 months. But what happens to vouchers that have been swapped for salary? A woman on leave may only receive statutory maternity pay (which cannot be. Employer provided benefits provided under a contract of employment must continue to be provided whilst an employee is absent from work on.

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The prevailing view, however, has been that childcare vouchers are a benefit and must therefore continue to be provided during maternity leave and adoption and shared parental leave, for that matter. James Walters , a managing associate at Lewis Silkin, contributed to this article. Get jobs by email. The salary sacrifice cannot take her effective hourly wage below the National Living or Minimum Wage rate applicable. The company has a small and enthusiastic team dealing with clients by name — not as a number. But all is not lost — read on to understand your options! Don't trust a forum for advice.

: Childcare vouchers whilst on mat leave

Acknowledgement receipt of payment sample letter As mentioned before your vouchers are deducted from your salary therefore if you are childcare vouchers whilst on mat leave receiving a salary and only receiving SMP then we will either lower your contributions to the minimum requirement or stop them, we do not other childcare vouchers whilst on mat leave non-cash benefit scheme? The decision may be appealed to the Court of Appeal, or another challenge before the EAT may result in a different conclusion — particularly as the EAT itself admitted that its conclusion should be treated with caution. Employees who are denied this entitlement will be able to bring a claim of sex discrimination against their employer. Most have taken that to mean that any benefits which are not wages must be provided during leave, including childcare vouchers. Also, just to say the part the employer is quoting that you have posted above is not wrong. You can find the date it was published under the title.
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Childcare vouchers whilst on mat leave Go to Category. This entitlement continues to apply even though the employee may not be receiving any salary or wages that can be sacrificed. Feature Information commissioner gets busy with fines 7 December Data protection. That means the right to the salary is lost, not diverted, and the employee cannot swap the vouchers back for salary. The voucher is therefore effectively remuneration converted into childcare childcare vouchers whilst on mat leave through the salary sacrifice arrangement.

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