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Rtgs/neft form corporation bank

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rtgs/neft form corporation bank

Rtgs/neft form corporation bank -

rtgs/neft form corporation bank

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Corporation Bank NEFT/RTGS , अपने कारपोरेशन बैंक से NEFT/RTGS करना सीखें

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  1. The bank didn't do it, it is a law in all 50 states to keep banks from profiting from people who don't update their personal data (Like name or address) Think of it this way: there isn't a bank in existence that wouldn't want to keep the money on their books. It can be something as simple as the name of your street was accidentally misspelled causing the inept postal service to return your bank statement several times. Or if you have multiple bank accounts and you forget to change the address on all of them when you move, and once again eventually the mail will be returned. Also if you never bother to login online (or however you check your balance) to check on it then all I can say is hmmm. It is expensive for a bank to pay people to sit around making calls to people to hunt down the account owners so they send out postal mail reminders. Besides if you are responsible with your money you will make sure everything is correct and up to date. If you can't be bothered to check on it - OH WELL

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