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Compressor oil molecular weight

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compressor oil molecular weight

The lubricant used in refrigeration compressors consists of an oil and refrigerant mixture Oil/Refrigerant Refrigerant type Molecular mass. [g/mol]. Viscosity. High-Temperature Lubricants • Compressor Lubricants • Refrigeration Lubricants • LB Series products are available in a range of molecular weights (and Unlike petroleum oils, UCON fluids and lubricants do not contain low molecular. Compressor Oil has been formulated from highly refined paraffinic base oils and high performance additives to provide outstanding lubrication in a variety of. compressor oil molecular weight

Compressor oil molecular weight -

The composition comprises: i from 68 to In this regard, screw or centrifugal air compressors are being useddepending upon the pressure and flow rate requirements. A compressor lubricant composition, providing energy savings and exhibiting excellent oxidation stability is provided, as well as a process for preparation of the lubricant composition. In order to do a one to one comparison of the energy efficiency of two oils, a compressor of a standard make used in industry was ran under constant duty cycle over a continuous hour period in a fixed loading cycle to unloading cycle ratio of 2: 1. Apply Filter Cancel. A loading cycle is when the compressor was compressing the air to the desired pressure, and the unloading cycle is when the compressor was rotating without any compression in progress. Ep: the epo has been informed by wipo that ep was designated in this application. The pour point depressant is selected from compressor oil molecular weight of poly methacrylates, polyacrylamides, olefin copolymer, etc. Work with us Become a Chevron distributor. Rapid release of foam and air, protecting components from compressor oil molecular weight and cavitation damage, leading to reduced wear. If you are already a ChemPoint customer then sign up for access to our online ordering website.

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